Naira Tamanian — Interior Designer based in Melbourne, VIC

5. Photography/Renovations

I love engaging with my surroundings through the photography medium. Capturing moments for eternity and seeing the world from a camera lens is something that makes me happy.

Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy taking part in home renovations. Such tasks as planning the design, organising the colours, fabrics, furnishings and thinking about furniture arrangements within the interior are all processes that I love.

Dec 2008 - Venice

Feb 2009 - The Hague

Another passion of mine is renovating some of the spaces in my home. Here is the result of 8 days work on the study room. I chose to make it contemporary in style with a neutral wall colour palette. The furnishings and fabrics add colour and intrigue to the space

A separate bungalow space at the back of my house was transformed into a relaxed area where music is the focus