Naira Tamanian — Interior Designer based in Melbourne, VIC

4. More Projects

I am passionate about computer rendering, hand sketching, photography, drafting, art and craft creation and physical space construction. These projects showcase these passions.

While on exchange I participated in the design and construction of a real exhibition stand promoting the interior architecture program at the University of Mainz. The stand was built for the Cologne Furniture Fair, the second largest fair in Europe. For the project we used wooden palettes with screens placed on them showcasing student works and a poetic wave of white fabric hanging from the top which revealed information when pulled down.

All in all, I highly enjoyed taking part in real industry type work and seeing our ideas and conceptual thinking actually become realised. The process took about 2 months or so.

I designed a sustainable community housing scheme which can be implemented in parks across Melbourne. Two residential spaces are connected by a central courtyard and a public space where occupants may share communal dinners, use extra office space and bike storage facilities

Freehand sketching is something I enjoy doing especially when the subject is directly in front of me

Origami is another form of art which I find to be somewhat challenging but interesting, as simple paper is transformed into all sorts of creations

I investigated the bombing of Hiroshima that took place in 1945 in Japan and created two pop-up cards which described this tragic event in history.

Firstly, I've depicted a peaceful day on August 6th by showing Geisha's standing in front of a traditional temple. Secondly, the plane which dropped the atomic bomb and the subsequent explosion/mushroom cloud which filled the sky

Retail design is another form of interior design that I am very passionate about. Mochique is a women's handbag and shoe flagship store which shows how a very modern store fit-out works with lighting, products, joinery, furniture and wall graphics

Here is the supporting documentation for the retail store perspective on the previous slide. I designed the point of sale counter, seating banquette and display boxes using AutoCAD. Their placement within the store is further shown by the plan and elevation featured.

Paul Rudolph's Milam Residence was recreated in this project using a combination of 2D and 3D AutoCAD

Model making is something that I pride myself on and thoroughly enjoy. Studying the shadows created by a particular space encourages me to search for many possible solutions and outcomes during the design process

Technical Drawing, using a drafting board and fineliner, mildly retouched using Photoshop. Sometimes leaving the computer interface and using my hand to draw is stimulating and rewarding

Further hand drafting and learning about the fabric of a building, its outer skins and construction techniques

This project shows the bathroom I had to design for my construction class in Mainz.

A furniture design subject has given me the opportunity to research and trial a plethora of stool construction options made from 10mm Xanita Board. This stool was the outcome and folds together without the use of glue or nails. It can withstand 150kg and is completely recyclable.