Naira Tamanian — Interior Designer based in Melbourne, VIC

1. Kindergarten Design

Interior Design, Spatial Planning, 3D Rendering, Sustainability

For my final studio project at university I designed “Bumble Kindergarten”, a sustainable, child-oriented project situated on a given site in St. Kilda. The inspiration behind the project was honeycomb, as I wanted to teach children that honey came from bees and that nature is actually an extremely important element in our lives. This project is sustainable because of the materials used, all either GECA certified or ecospecifier listed. Also, shading and ventilation have been carefully considered as has the orientation of the building, with main play areas facing North.

This project aims to push the boundaries in terms of what a kindergarten is in Australia. It is a creative building, with many fun openings and roof/ceiling planes making interesting volumes and shadow-play. With an equally well designed outdoor play area, children may play under supervised conditions both indoors and outdoors. In fact the boundary between the two is blurred as the sliding doors in the playroom open up to the ponderous outdoor space that awaits a child’s exploration.

This project involved extensive research into existing kindergartens, site visits and analysis, design ideas sketching, 2D and 3D computer documentation, a material board and a physical model at 1:200 of the proposed scheme.

Providing environments for children to learn, grow and develop

Perspectives using Sketchup Pro and Photoshop

The floor plan here shows how the interior and exterior work together to create light, child-friendly spaces for kindergarten kids to freely explore

Specifying the materials within design projects is something that I really enjoy doing. Sustainable investigations into materials allowed me to gain an understanding of the types of environmentally-friendly options available in Australia within the design and construction industry

This sustainable project employed the use of louvres to windows which directed air flow upward and downward thus effectively ventilating the space. Furthermore, appropriately long overhanging eaves provide shading from Summer sun yet allow Winter sun inside.

My kindergarten model was made to observe shadow changes throughout the day, as well as to test the spaces I created in a three-dimensional way

Material Board showing the specified sustainable textures and colours for the kindergarten project